EE/EET 2240 Class Notes - Summer 2018

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Monday,May 14 Introduction, Components, Nodes, KCL Notes
Tuesday,May 15 KVL, Resistors, PSC, Power Calculations Notes
Wednesday,May 16 Power, Equivalent Resistance, Voltage & Current Division Notes
Thursday,May 17 Controlled Sources, Power Calculations Notes
Friday,May 18 Nodal Analysis Notes
Monday,May 21 Nodal Analysis, Mesh Analysis, Proportionality Notes
Tuesday,May 22 PSpice Notes
Wednesday,May 23 More PSpice Notes
Thursday,May 24 Review for Exam #1 Notes
Friday,May 25 Exam #1
Tuesday,May 29 Class Cancelled due to Lack of Student Attendance
Wednesday,May 30 Superposition, Thevenin & Norton Theorems Notes
Thursday,May 31 Source Transformation, Maximum Power Transfer, Operational Amplifiers Notes
Friday,June 01 Op Amps, PSpice Notes
Monday,June 04 Op Amps and PSpice Subcircuits Notes
Tuesday,June 05 Capacitors, Inductors, Simple RC & RL Circuits Notes
Wednesday,June 06 Review of Old Exams Notes
Thursday,June 07 More Review of Old Exams Notes
Friday,June 08 Exam #2
Monday,June 11 Capacitor/Inductor Properties, Combinations, PSpice Transient Analysis Notes
Tuesday,June 12 RC and RL Circuits Wrap Up Notes
Wednesday,June 13 RLC Circuits Notes
Thursday,June 14 Class Dismissed
Friday,June 15 Class Dismissed
Monday,June 18 Class Dismissed
Tuesday,June 19 RLC Circuits Continued Notes
Wednesday,June 20 Review - No Record Available
Thursday,June 21 Final Exam